Become a member

Producers, wholesalers and retailers of the specialised organic food and natural goods trade can become members of BNN.

A membership is linked to an acceptance of the aims and duties stipulated in the Statutes. In addition the principles for the economical alignment of the member companies, as described in the Admission Criteria, have to apply. The admission criteria for the BNN are completed by a guideline on the supply of shopping venues outside of the specialised organic food and natural products trade. Therein the shopping venues of the specialised organic food and natural product trade and of the sector trade branches are described. The board of the BNN decides about the admission.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us.

The association and its member companies foster the following, according to the statutes:

  • an ecological, sustainable way of dealing with economics,
  • healthy nutrition and
  • a socially acceptable economical behaviour.

Aims and duties of the association are:

  • the representation of the trade and the member companies, especially towards legislators and politicians,
  • targeted public relations which point the broader public to the attractiveness of natural food and natural products and to the concerned retailers,
  • the promotion of small and middle-sized production, processing and trade structures in the organic food trade,
  • the development and securing of the product quality of all products of certified organic production,
  • the support of  constructive and fair togetherness of all sector participants.