BNN Monitoring

The BNN Monitoring of fruit and vegetables and the BNN Monitoring of shelf-stable products are cross-company quality assessments with a stress on pesticide analysis. In this way BNN ascertains the legally regulated process controls of the certification bodies (according to EU organic regulation) by an end product control.

Pesticide detection is seen by the BNN members as an indication for a possible process control failure, as is notified in the concept of the BNN Orientation Value. This failure has to be identified and corrected in cooperation with the responsible control body. In this way the BNN Monitoring leads to a continuous quality improvement and a high protection of the consumer against fraud.

The organisational central point of the BNN Monitoring is a joint Online Database in which all analysis results and cause studies are saved. This database is a treasure trove of experience but also acts as an early warning system.

The BNN Monitoring is also accessible for companies who are not members of the Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN) e.V.