BNN-Monitoring of fruit and vegetables

Since 2003 organic fruit and vegetables from the specialised organic food trade are systematically checked on pesticide contamination. 26 importers and wholesalers of the specialised organic food trade are cooperating in the BNN-Monitoring and have agreed upon a common procedure in case of pesticide detections. Unique in a worldwide perspective is that the companies exchange their analysis results and disclose the names of their suppliers.

 BNN-Monitoring of Fruit an Vegetables

Through this practice BNN is able to substantially improve the quality management in the organic food trade:

  • Data concerning the pesticide contamination of organically produced fruit and vegetables are generated and systematically processed.
  • Contamination or intermingling with conventional crops can be detected and in many cases the causes abolished.
  • Fraud cases are easily brought to light and the produce can be isolated from the market through information exchange.


In this way the BNN monitoring generates an efficient protection of the consumer against fraud.

Each pesticide detection leads to an investigation into the causes. In this way, agricultural flaws or gaps in the quality management or process control can be detected and suppressed. In this sense the project leads to clear improvements in quality management on all levels.

The BNN Monitoring of fruit and vegetables is open to any supplier of fruit and vegetables in the specialised organic food trade.

Within the BNN-Monitoring of fruit and vegetables more than 6000 samples of organically grown fruitand vegetables have been screened since 2003. In 95% of the samples there was no need for concern - in almost all cases there weren't even traces of pesticides to be detected. Only 1% of all samples screened by the BNN-Monitoring were beyond the legal threshold.