The general costs for maintaining the BNN coordination office is financed by the participants through a tiered, fixed yearly fee (the reference being the turnover in fruits and vegetables of the previous year). The participants pay the costs for the analyses directly to the respective laboratories.

The frequency of the analyses per company is related to their turnover in fruit and vegetables of the previous year. Each company is informed about the yearly (maximal) budget of analysis costs. For new members the cost is calculated at concrete interest for participation.The BNN-Monitoring charges a one-time joining fee. BNN members get a 50% reduction on this fee.

The yearly fee is - considering the current number of members - calculated as follows:

  • Yearly turnover up to 2.5 million Euro (minimum fee): 6.200 Euro, resp. 3.100 Euro for BNN members

  • Yearly turnover >2.5 million Euro up to 4 million Euro: 7.000 Euro, resp. 3.500 Euro for BNN members

  • Yearly turnover >4 million Euro (maximum fee): 7.800 Euro, resp. 3.900 Euro for BNN members

In case the number of members would decrease, the fixed yearly fee will be increased by a uniform amount per member, independent from turnover. The calculation base is the turnover in fruits and vegetables of the former year, which has to be communicated to the coordination office and, when asked for, attested. This information is treated confidentially. Each participant gives a direct debit authority to the BNN e.V. for the fixed annual amount, which is payable in January of each year. The BNN has the authority to yearly adapt the fee to the real costs.


Own analyses

There is a possibility for companies to import own analyses into the database. If a company decides to do so, it can impute the costs on their own overall analysis costs.

The following conditions apply:

  1. The analysis report is submitted to the coordination office immediately after its completion.

  2. The results are dealt with as “normal” results (publication, counter-analysis etc.).

  3. The analysis has to be carried out by a lab approved by BNN e.V., to ascertain that the results are fully comparable.

  4. There should not be an assessment of the same batch.

A maximum of 25% of the analyses can be imputed as own analyses.