The results of the monitoring are managed in a database. With this tool the evaluation of pesticide findings can be consulted from 2003 onwards, which can help to act in a more precise way. Moreover, the database can be a help in the evaluation of suppliers.

The participants have at any time the possibility to access the database. Access is only possible with a password. With every sample, at least the label, analysis report and the name(s) of the upstream supplier(s) are available. All results and database evaluations for public use are in an anonymised format.  The results and evaluation possibilities have also the purpose to sustain the companies in proving their duty of care in the trade of organic fruits and vegetables.

A disclosure of results, data, key word or password is prohibited and can lead to the immediate expulsion from the BNN monitoring.

The results of the monitoring for fruits and vegetables from the BNN are also accessible in an anonymised format to control bodies and authorities. At request they can obtain the necessary access codes.

The data gathered in the BNN monitoring of fruit and vegetables can participate in a valuable integration of the process and product control. Based on the statistical evaluation, control bodies and officials can better assess their own control results. Weak points in the controlling practice of organic fruits and vegetables can be detected worldwide and possibly cured. A cooperation with control organisations and officials is meaningful and wanted to further develop the control system.