Quality Affairs

Main aims of BNN are the further development of quality standards for organic food and natural products, the redaction of product range guidelines for retailers, the support of BNN members in quality issues and the introduction of the concept of quality of the organic food trade in legislative processes.

Quality Affairs

In this sense the association edits quality guidelines and recommendations, e.g. the BNN Flavour Recommendation or the BNN Product Range Guidelines for organic food retailers. The quality guidelines and  -recommendations document the specific understanding of quality of the BNN members, provide an important contribution to the quality assurance in the member companies, set own standards for the organic food trade and heighten its profile. The quality guidelines and recommendations can be downloaded in the download section.In addition the BNN monitors current quality issues – either with focus on production, trade or customer service.

Out of a common understanding of quality by the different value creation stages, production, wholesale and retail, the BNN also participates in quality issues with national and international legislative processes. These and other services support the BNN member companies in production, wholesale and retail circles to assure the quality of organic food and to advise the customers in the specialised organic food in a proper  way.

The BNN-Monitoring of fruit and vegetables in the specialised organic food trade as well as the 2012 BNN-Monitoring of shelf-stable products, the BNN Orientation Values and public statements to the application of orientation values in special cases,  supplement the established process controls in the ecological food trade.

Since 2001 the development of quality guidelines is assisted by the Scientific Advisory Board of the BNN.