BNN laboratory approval

The results of lab analyses together with the interpretation and derived recommendations form the basis for many far-reaching company decisions like investigations according to BNN-Orientation Value or recalls. Therefore, reliability of the analysis results has central meaning, also and especially for organic products. Consequently, special requirements in context of the analysis and interpretation of results regarding organic products have been developed. Based on these requirements a laboratory approval for pesticide analyses of organic products has been established in order to ensure a high quality standard and to facilitate the choice of a qualified laboratory for BNN members and other companies in the organic sector. Besides the analytical competence laboratories have to demonstrate that they are able to interpret pesticide detections in Organic products, especially according to BNN-Orientation Value.Reagenzglas-Reihen

Paricipation in special BNN ring tests is compulsive for approved laboratories. These ring tests take the particularities of organic products into account (e.g. pesticide contents in very low concentrations) and there is no advance notice for test samples in order to test the labs close to routine conditions. BNN members have agreed to work only with pesticide laboratories that are approved.