Laboratory requirements

Basis for the approval is an elaborate document review by means of clearly and unequivocally defined criteria (see "Lab requirements for application"). Approval also includes the review of the interpretation competence.

A lab approval once granted is generally limited to three years. Thereafter a re-approval is necessary, which includes a simplified document review as well as an evaluation of the results achieved in competence tests(BNN ring tests and ring test by other providers) in the preceding three years. Within the 3-year periods, defined requirements for maintaining the approval have to be fulfilled.

The BNN lab approval is a modular system and consists of the following product groups:

  • B1: fresh fruit and vegetables
  • B2: processed fruit and vegetables
  • B3: cereal, ereal products as well as oilseeds
  • B4: tea, fruit tea, herbs and spices

So far only the parameter group "pesticides" and "contaminants" is offered.

Lach & Bruns Consulting Chemists will take on the processing in terms of contents and organisaton for the labarotory approval.

For Details concerning requirements, application or procedure see downloads on the download page .