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    Board of Trustees

    The BNN Board of Trustees is a voluntary body that supports the work of the Board. The Curatorium is made up of three representatives from each of the three levels of trade: production, wholesale and retail. It has statutory responsibilities such as setting the level and due date of membership fees, setting and amending membership criteria and advisory activities.


    Stephan Becker (spokesperson)

    cosmondial GmbH & Co. KG


    Sascha Damaschun (deputy spokesperson)

    Bodan Großhandel für Naturkost GmbH


    Erwin Winkler

    Herbaria Kräuterparadies GmbH


    Susanne Arndt

    BIOGARTEN Handels GmbH


    Judith Faller-Moog

    Ölmühle Moog GmbH


    Lukas Nossol

    Dennree GmbH


    Sylvia Hauslauer

    La Vida Biomarkt


    Matthias Beuger

    Veggie Specials