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    Quality Affairs

    An important task of the BNN is the further development of quality standards for organic food and natural products. In addition, the association supports its members in quality issues and brings the special quality understanding of the organic sector into legislative procedures.


    We adopt guidelines and recommendations for the organic specialized trade. They document the special understanding of quality of the BNN members, thus making an important contribution to quality assurance in the member companies and setting their own standards for the organic specialized trade. In addition we accompany current topics - be it with focus on production, trade as well as customer advisory service.

    The BNN also contributes to national and European legislative processes on specialist quality issues. This additionally strengthens the common understanding of quality in the three value-added stages of production, wholesale and retail of organic food and natural products.

    These and other services help BNN member companies from the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors to ensure the quality of organic food and to provide good advice to customers in the organic trade. An overview of the fields of activity and structures of the BNN quality work can be found in our information flyer.

    Since 2001, the development of quality standards has been accompanied by the BNN's Scientific Advisory Board.

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